• Terms & Conditions

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3)We require you to provide us with certain information about yourself when you use the Online Transactions. This information shall include patient’s details and card holder’s name in case of online payment facility. We may also use this information to ensure that the bill payment process is carried out accurately and efficiently.

4)You agree to ensure that any information provided by you shall be complete and accurate. You shall not at any time provide us with information which is false, inaccurate, misleading, obsolete or deceptive. If the information is found false/ deceptive/inaccurate/misleading, MHC holds right to cancel the appointment/ transaction and refund/stop the payment.

5)All information provided by you should be true, complete and accurate but not misleading or deceptive.

6)The consultation time provided is indicative and actual consultation time may vary.

7)Appointment booking is only for consultation and not for follow consultation.

8)We track the Internet address of the domains from which people visit us for trend analysis.

9)We may use the Internet address to identify any fraudulent transaction.

10)If you do not wish to provide us with the required information, kindly click on exit button to exit the appointment booking application.