We request all our overseas patients to get Medical insurance from you home country as it can help you a lot. Also, purchase comprehensive travel insurance while buying your ticket to India.

We do not book air tickets for any patients. You have to book and we advise you to book from your home country. After arrange your flights share details with us. So, our patient relationship manager with help you if anything goes wrong.

Our overseas patients will always be communicated with the patient relationship manager who will follow-up with doctor about your health conditions as well as provide medicine and other necessitous things if you will require

We will consider doctor’s recommendations, your health conditions, and treatments for your well being life.

First of all, patients from any nation must fulfill travel request form with mandatory documents including airline, passport, medical reports and other listed documents. While traveling, always keep some essential banking documents, such as credit card, debit card, and cheques. Last but not last, never forget to carry some local currency while travelling because some places where you can manage your expenses.

Srii radhe Medicure will arrange a patient relationship manager in order to take care our overseas patients by proving all necessary facilities.

We provide pick up, drop off and daily commute only for those who have booked treatments in hospital through Srii Radhey Medicure. It will be cost extra.

You just need to request selected hotel or staff member who will arrange a cab to reach your accommodation place or hospital. You can also use online app to arrange cab from air port.

All listed hospitals websites have all details with rating reviews that would be given by past patients also you can see successful past treatment experiences from the online records.

For the hotel, our team will advise you best nearest hotel when you finalize hospital.

•  Expenditures of treatments, medicines, and accommodations in India are lower than many other nations.

•  Gaining assisting from well accomplished doctors in several hospitals.

•  High proportion of citizens with English language ability

•  All cities in India have been providing air travel facilities

• If you go through Srii Radhey Medicure then you can get an opportunity to access affordable accommodation, helpful nature from enthusiastic staff members, and reliable treatment from our associated hospitals.

• Offering video or audio conversation with our staff and appointed doctor before traveling to India, that could be great relief to you.

• You must need medical visa before coming India, there are required documents and an invitation letter from associated hospital for getting medical visa. Srii Radhey Medicure will not only help you to gathering documents and appointing letter from selected hospital, but also fulfilling whole visa process.

• Our staff believe that “health is wealth”. While toughing with Srii Radhey Medicure, you could gain all necessitous environment because our staff will give you all homing facilities.

It’s depended on what kind of service do you choose from us. When you fill appointment form from our website, Our Team member will contact you and send you all the pricing of our services.

• Every hospital offers various kind of cuisines that can be seen in websites of selected hospital. Hospital staff follows healthy diet foods in order to your body as healthy as possible.

• Mainly hotels offer all kind of foods, so you can get special required food.

Booking for treatments is very simple

• Go to our website on appointment page and fill out form.

• Go ahead with treatment plan button.

• Send us request for getting treatments with all medical records with your contact details.

• Our staff will contact you by email with full treatments details, costs of medicare and time durations.

Hotel booking with us only for those who have booked treatments in hospital through Srii Radhey Medicure.  To conform booking, you just need to inform our organization where our staff always will be ready to help you.

Our associated hospitals have staff members with excellent English language skills as well as almost hospitals have many members with several foreign languages’ skills that all details available on hospitals websites.

Our Organization team will advise you when you choose the quote then.